Optimum care for ‘complex' women

What are a psychiatrist, a cardiologist and a gynaecologist doing together in a webinar?  

They happen to treat similar patients, but each of them only sees one part of the actual problem.  

This means that the women ask for treatment with three different specialists, and have to wait on often long waiting lists. This needs to be tackled better and faster. 

Recent research has shown that ADHD, heart complaints and hormonal mood changes often co-occur in the same female patients. Women with ADHD suffer unneccesarily, and more often than women in the general population from heart and hormonal complaints without knowing, or getting the right help. Women with ADHD proved to be overrepresented by screening for the condition at the outpatient Heartlife Clinic in the Netherlands, especially during menopausal transition.  

As cardiac infarction is the number one cause of death in women in general, this finding was the reason to start the Head Heart Hormones (H3) Network in the Netherlands, by prof. dr. Sandra Kooij, psychiatrist, dr. Janneke Wittekoek, cardiologist, and dr. Dorenda van Dijken, gynaecologist, on March 8th 2023. 

The H3-Network aims to integrate knowledge and expertise and share it with all professionals involved with the treatment of female patients with hormonal, cardiac and psychiatric problems such as ADHD, sleep- and mood disorders across the lifespan. 

All problems interact with each other, and increase complexity and severity. They can be better treated in concert in stead of in part and separately by different specialists. 

The H3-Network organised her first integrated webinar by the three specialists on April 25th 2023. Presentations with discussion on a joint case of a women with undiagnosed ADHD, presenting with heart disease during perimenopause, mood and sleep problems, followed by Q & A. 

During this webinar the following subjects are discussed: 

· The Female Heart and gender specific differences 

· The impact of Hormones 

· ADHD in Women: Hormones, Mood and Health 


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